Towards a New Healthcare Paradigm: The Personal Health Record

iStock_MedRecords000005513877XSmallWhat’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a visit to the doctor’s office? If it’s filling out forms, you’re not alone; it’s a common frustration for patients nationwide. Detailed questions about your past medical history fill the pages, causing anxiety and leading to a guessing game of inaccuracies. Understandably, few people can recall the exact dates of their last immunizations or the name of the antibiotic they took back in 1986. But that information exists — somewhere.

More than likely your health records are strewn across the offices and databases of a wide array of doctors, pharmacies, and insurance providers. So before you even visit the doctor, you may have to spend hours on the phone, tracking down information with mixed success. The process, as it exists, often results in redundant tests, wasted time and resources, and extra costs to the patient and the healthcare system.


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