In search of perfection, young adults turn to Adderall at work (Al Jazeera, Dec. 3, 2013)

ImageElla Benson was a junior in college the first time she took it. With a class assignment due, she was offered the drug as a means to stay up all night and crank out something respectable by morning.

It worked, and Benson now says it was the first time she “really connected” with something she was working on.

“It was the first paper I wrote where I felt like I came up with an idea that was meaningful and important,” she said. “I got an A on it.”

An A for Adderall.

Now, at 26, Benson is a professional writer who reports for a major news publication and has had her byline in The New York Times. She keeps an “emergency stash” of Adderall nearby for when she’s working on a big story and has to stay awake all night.  

Benson (whose name, like all the people in this story who discuss their ADHD drug use, has been changed to protect her identity) is typical of a growing population of young adults who went to college in the 2000s. As they age out into the workplace, they’re taking with them the ADHD med habits they developed in college — and finding the drugs still work.

Read the rest at Al Jazeera:


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